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Knowledge is the key for life, the key to living and reaching your goals. We invest time and efforts in creating the pictures and visions for the 21. century in science and business, globally and locally. This century offers more chances than risks.
Globalization is one of the chances for everyone with knowledge. The poor can get richer and the rich too.

Our planet is small today, maybe too small tomorrow, and certainly too small for the 22. century. The companies are on the way from global player to space player with the planet earth as one of several localities and activities and to their future business, organization and politics. Our children will reach the next century and need to survive in a rapidly evolving society.

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We are here for you and your business, for your vision and imagination to anticipate your technology-market-combinations and results. Our mission is to provide you knowledge-based analysis, to help you being successful in the business.
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Water markets worldwide business briefing conference 2005 New York, Beijing, London, Tokyo, Hongkong

Fireprotection markets worldwide business briefing conference 2005 New York, Beijing, London, Berlin, Hongkong, Beijing

Summary Regarding China's Growth Markets.
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New Studies:
Summaries about the world market and development, 2002-2010, 100 pages each
-China's Water Market
-China's Biotech-Market
-China's Environmental Market
-China's A&B Shares to Buy
-Water Worldwide
-Stationary Fuel Cells Worldwide
-Biotechnology Worldwide
-Nanotechnology Worldwide
-Bio-Nano-Cogno-Info Converging
-Stem Cells Worldwide
-Environmental Technologies Worldwide
-Sustainable Technologies Worldwide
-Genetics Worldwide
-Nutraceuticals Worldwide
-Brainfood/ Smartfood Worldwide
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Study: The Markets for Constructional and Technical Fire Protection 2001-2010
Germany and Worldwide

Studie: Die Märkte für vorbeugenden und
bekämpfenden Brandschutz 2001-2010 Deutschland und weltweit

2003 will be the Fresh Water Year of the United Nations. See more
there is a summary and study about water worldwide 2015
Studie: Nanotechnologie 2015. Die Konvergenz mit Biotechnologie, Informationstechnologie sowie Neuraltechnologie ( Brainscience, Cognoscience, Cognitive-science ).
Study: Nanotechnology 2015. Converging nano-bio-neural-info-technologies 2002-2015

Study: Instruments and Tools in Nanotechnology 2003-2006-2010-2015

Study: Nanostructed Materirals 2004-2007-2010-2015

Study: Nanotechnology in Life Science Industries 2003-2006-2010-2015
Study: Traditional Chinese Medicine 2015
Study: Water Industry Worldwide 2015
Markets for Water, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Process Water
Special Service on Demand: Online Consulting, Research, Business Service and Studies
Study: Nanotechnology in Food and Food Processing Industry Worldwide 2003-2006-2010-2015
Study: Hydrogen Energy and Systems 2015 Worldwide Chances  and Risks
Study: Molecular Industry,
Molecular technologies, Science, Markets
and Society 2015
Molecular Industry Conference worldwide in 2004, please see more
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Study: NanoCar -- Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies in Automotive Industry 2003 2006-2010-2015
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Study: NanoChina -- Nanotechnology in China, state 2003 and development  2006-2010-2015
Study: China Water - Water Market, Technology and Projects in 34 Provinces in China 2003-2015
Study: Water Markets Worldwide 2004-2015, with focus on 57 Countries in Detail and Driving Technologies.

Study: Water - Overview of ALL Studies
Report: Summary about the state of Nanotechnology Industry Worldwide 2003-2015
Study: Asia Water - Water Markets Technologies and Projects in Asia 2003-2015, with focus on 24 selected countries
The first study worldwide about science and market until 2015
Another World
Service: Venture Capital and Merger & Acquisition Stragies and Realization
TCM cooperation & Joint-Venture conference and information in Beijing